It’s no secret that my favorite show of all time is “Everwood.” The CW stupidly canceled the show after the WB and UPN merged into one network. A decision that the executives at the CW have publicly regretted.

Well, last week a dream of mine for the last 5 years came true. Warner Bros. finally released “Everwood: Season 2” onto DVD. Yes, I have literally waited for 5 years for this. All I’ve been doing is watching all 22 episodes for the last week. So you’d probably think that I am really happy right now.
It’s not that simple.
I’m actually kind of sad right now. I’ve been trying to pinpoint why watching “Everwood” makes me so sad. I don’t think it’s the content. Yes, the premise of the show is sad, but it’s also very funny. I don’t think it’s because the show ended so abruptly for me and only after 4 seasons. Even if it has survived past 2006, the show would be completely different. Light years away from where it first started. Would I even like it now?
“Everwood” was filmed in Utah and Main Street in the town of Everwood was filmed on the same street my husband works on now. There were times he was kept inside Great Harvest in the morning because they were filming and they wouldn’t let people out until they were done. I love spotting the different places in Utah and seeing the familiar shops on Everwood’s main street that I find on 25th St. in Ogden. I seriously cried the day they tore down the train station facade. I even accosted poor Tom Amandes, who played Dr. Harold Abbott on the show, at Sundance on the street to tell him as much.
So why am I sad?
I think I have figured it out.
“Everwood” is my Mom to me. She is the one who got me addicted to the show when I dismissed it as another WB teen melodrama. We were both really passionate about the show. She even tried out to be an extra. My brother-in-law worked on the show and we would try to drain out of him all the “Everwood” info and trivia we could. My Mom and I would call each other every Monday night after a new episode aired to dissect, dish, and discuss. We cried together when Colin died, we gasped when it was revealed that Madison was pregnant, we cheered when Ephram and Amy finally got together, and we yelled, screamed, and complained when we learned it was going to be canceled. “Everwood” is honestly the only show I’ve ever watched that has the ability to reduce me to a heap of goo. I’ve wept. I’ve bawled. No other show has done that to me.
Now that my Mom is gone, I have no one to share “Everwood” with. When I got the first season, I would watch all the extras, all the commentary, and share them with my Mom.
Season two has left me feeling gypped. There is no commentary. Not even some of the original music. Nothing special but a few deleted scenes. Big whoop. What can you expect when it comes out 5 years after it aired? I can’t help but feel, though, disappointed and betrayed. Kind of how I felt after my Mom died only infinitesimally smaller.
Watching “Everwood” makes me sad because it makes me miss my Mom. It’s as simple as that. That is why I am sad when I watch it. I want to be able to call her after each episode and dish for hours. But I can’t. And watching “Everwood” by myself now is just a reminder of what I’ve lost.

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