Randomosity, again…

Monday I started about 10 new great blog posts in my head and never wrote any of them down. I know they were all really great too. And now I can’t remember a single one. I hate it when that happens.

So here are just a bunch of random thoughts about my experiences, or what have you, lately.
I am so sick of the road construction going on in my town lately. I don’t understand why they can’t just work on part of the road at a time instead of having miles and miles of highway and main roads blocked off. I was driving to work on Tuesday, and if you know Ogden at all, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I usually take Wall Ave. to work, turn right on 17th St., turn left on Lincoln Ave, and, boom, there’s my work. So Tuesday morning I was on Wall Ave, and right around the time I reached the strip club, traffic was directed into one lane. There was a giant school bus ahead of me and so I couldn’t see that 17th St. was closed! Closed! So I had to continue on down to 12th St. At this juncture I would have turned right onto 12th street, and then right onto Lincoln Ave, and then boom, been at work. Oh no, that’s too simple. Instead I turned right onto 12th St., and Lincoln Ave. was closed. Closed! This is about the time my head exploded. So I had to drive all the way down to Washington Ave. turn right, drive down several blocks to 15th St., turn right, and a few streets later I reached Lincoln Ave. and boom, I was at work. After driving in a huge circle! And Fifteen minutes late! Grr!
On Monday I read a blog written by one of my Facebook “friends” that I took great offense to. We have very different political views and I have accepted that. What I can’t accept is someone calling themselves a Christian, being a position where they “speak” for Jesus and minister unto his sheep, when they judge themselves to be better than other people. His blog was about something completely different but he managed to sneak in something that questioned whether or not gay men were actually men (why didn’t he just come out and question whether or not they were fit to be human?), made an assumption that he didn’t want gay men touching him because obviously every gay man out there wants to jump his bones (trust me, he’s not a catch even in the heterosexual world), and basically made is sound like he is far superior to any gay person. Which I happen to know he believes no matter how “Christian” he would like to believe himself to be. Jesus said love everyone. I don’t remember there being an exception.
The hubs has kidney stones. I feel so sorry for the poor guy. I’ve had kidney infections that were so painful that I wished I was giving birth instead. They give you better drugs when you do. I heard that when a man has kidney stones, that is the closest he will ever come to knowing what child birth feels like. I told this to the hubs and for some reason he didn’t find much comfort in that statement. Anyway, he has to take Lortab to deal with pain, pee into a strainer to catch any stones (ewww), and he has to have a cat scan so the doctors can see where his stones are at. I’ve never known the hubs to be sick very often. Usually I’m the sick one and he is taking care of me. The role reversal feels weird. But in the last few weeks he’s had strep throat, a hurt foot, and now kidney stones. Poor lil’ guy.
Two people in my family have now gotten the swine flu. Am I next? At least it would give me a few weeks off (or at least a week) from working out. No really, I love working out.
Speaking of working out…I used to spend hours of useless time watching TV. Now it seems like I’m spending my evenings at the gym, still watching TV on my cardio machine, but I’m burning instead of accumulating calories. I guess I can stop calling myself or thinking of myself as a lazy person. Dangit! Now I have to change my whole self-identity.

One thought on “Randomosity, again…

  1. I'm totally jealous that you are in work out mode. I just started this running program and its been ok. But I need to be way more into it than I have been. I feel bad for Casey. I know the pain. Kidney stones blow. And I love your blogs and words.

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