The Kidney stone from hell

So the hubs went in for his CAT scan today to see how bad his kidney stones are. They told him it would take about 2 days to process and then they would let his doctor know what they found. Next thing we know, they called him back within a couple of hours and said he has a HUGE stone that is caught in the dilation of his urinary tract (or whatever, I’m not a doctor) and he needs to go to a urologist ASAP. When he told the medical people at the hospital who performed his CAT scan that he wasn’t in pain anymore, they were completely shocked and surprised. Apparently he needs to go see a urologist ASAP so the stone can be broken up because passing it would not be good. I feel for him, I really do.
This is what kidney stones look like: OUCH!

The hubs went and saw a urologist at 3:00 today and he told him that his stone was only 4.5 millimeters and he could pass one up to 6 millimeters on his own. So he gave him some medicine that will help expand things down there so passing the stone won’t be quite so painful. And he has his lortab. But seriously, I feel for the poor guy. I LOVE YOU HUBS!

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