Coin Operated Boy

I heard this song about a year ago on a long drive back from Provo (about 80 miles from my house). For some reason, I instantly fell in love with it. I like the synchopation and the piano. Some people have speculated what the meaning of this song is, but that writer of the song has denied it’s about anything more than just wishing she had a relationship that was no muss, no fuss. With a human…not a piece of synthetic material. Anyway, enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Coin Operated Boy

  1. I love this song as well. A couple of me and my coworkers will listen to it on occasion. I also like the ting ting I just bought their cd. It's great with interesting beats. ya know "shut and let me go becuase I told you so" or "thats not my name! 80)

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