Saturday night I was watching a movie on the Lifetime channel while the hubs was off watching the fight on pay-per-view at his friend’s house. During the commerical breaks I did the requisite channel surfing and actually learned something new from the extremely sexist channel, Spike. They have a show on their called “Manswers,” which apparently answers questions that men need to know. I’m assuming that, “what to do if you wake up in a hotel room with a dead hooker,” is one of them. Anyway, the question that they were answering was:

If you’re out partying at a club, how can you tell if She is really a He?
I guess men are mortally afraid of picking up a girl and bringing her home and finding out
she has an extra something in her panties. Because if you’re attracted to a woman who is actually a man, that somehow puts your manhood and sexuality into question. But I digress.
The “expert” they had on to answer this question was a doctor. They asked if you could tell because of the Adam’s apple. He said this wasn’t always a reliable test because you could easily shave the extra cartilage in a simple operation. They next asked if facial hair is a good indicator. The doctor pointed out that facial hair can be easily lazered off. There is one simple tried and true way you can always tell a man from a woman.
So finally after the commercial break they answered how you can 100% always tell if a woman is a woman and not a man. I never knew this and found it interesting. Stop me if you’ve already heard it.
Apparently a woman’s index finger is longer than her ring finger. Whereas a man’s ring finger is longer than his index finger. This is not something you can change with hormones or a sex reassignment surgery.
So I immediately looked at my hand. My index finger IS longer than my ringer finger. As soon as the hubs came home I demanded to look at his hands (which he thought was weird). His ringer finger IS longer than his index finger. How cool is that?
The next question that just had to be “manswered” was, “how can you tell if her boobs are saggy before you get her home and get her naked?” This offended every feminist bone in my body and I immediately switched the channel back to Lifetime.

To the left is a man’s hand.
You can see that the ring
finger is longer than the index finger.
To the right is a woman’s hand.
You can see that the index
finger is longer than the ring finger.

6 thoughts on “Manswers

  1. Well, apparently I am neither male nor female since my index and ringers fingers are exactly the same length. I guess that whole childbirth thing was just an illusion? 🙂

  2. so here's something else interesting, if I hold my hands up and look at the palms, the index finger definitely appears longer. But if I holds my hands palms up and facing each other (as I did when I first read this) they look the same. Must have something to do with the nerves that control your fingers in your wrists.

  3. Okay this kind of freaked me out because my index finger and my ring finger are the exact same length. Good thing my husband didn't know about this when we met, or he would have questioned my possible penis.

  4. You can't tell your correct finger length by looking at the back of your hand, you have to look at your palm. Measure from the crease where your finger meets your palm, to the tip of your finger. This can be done easily with the other hand, putting your thumb at the crease and your index finger at the tip of the finger being measured. Then keep your index finger still as you put your thumb in the crease of your ring/index finger.The bone structure in the hand undergoes adjustment with age, and causes the appearance of rounding. This is why you have to measure from the palm. My ring finger from the back of my palm looks smaller from the back of my hand, but measuring from the crease reveals my ring finger is indeed longer than my index finger. Which is consistent for a man.

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