Say what?

I have officially heard the STUPIDEST name ever.

I kid you not. Some twit actually named their poor child that. They should be ashamed.
And seriously, what is up with all the made up names? It’s like this new trend to name your kid the most hideous made up names ever. It really bugs me. If you can’t find it in a baby book….IT’S NOT A NAME! Stop torturing your poor children.
While working at Payless, I had to measure kids’ feet. I would always ask them their name to make them feel more comfortable. I heard a sh** load of stupid names while I worked there. Here is a list of the most memorable:
But none, NONE of them compares to the hideousness of Broxton. Ugh, a part of me dies just writing that. Ugh, shudder, gasp.
Anyone else heard of a stupider name for a kid? And I’m talking about a madeup first name, not a combo name like Chanda Lear.

2 thoughts on “Say what?

  1. I chose not to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate people I really, really love. :-)I always find it funny when comedians comment about African-American baby names. Sheniqua ain't got nothing on Broxton baby.That's why I think when you become an adult you should be expected to chose your own name, one that you like not one that your too creative parents liked.

  2. I know I heard tons of crazy-a names working in day care….Why???…I had a boy named semaj it's james backwards but I most definatly blame the parents becuase the are meth heads and he was born addicted to meth. While we had him in our center he and his brother was in the custody of his loving aunt and uncle who tried to give them the best life they could. Sadly the state decided to give the parents custody again and who knows where they are now. 80(

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