Just Desserts

YES!!!! The movie “Orphan” was big fat fail at the box office this weekend. Wahoo! This is a victory for adoption advocates every where. My worry with this film is that it will possibly influence prospective adoptive parents not to adopt orphans or older foster children because of how evil this movie is. Whether we like it or not, the media influences culture and our opinions. Don’t believe me? How many people were afraid to get back in the water after the movie “Jaws” came out? I also am offended that this movie would perpetuate the tired old stereotype that there is something wrong with orphaned or foster children. Yes, they come with their problems, but how could they not be affected by losing their parents or being abused by the people who were supposed to look out for them no matter what? Using them in this way in a horror movie deeply offends me and what I work toward daily.

So, I say suck it! “Orphan” and to all the people behind the making of this movie.

One thought on “Just Desserts

  1. Bwahahahahaha, yay for it sucking! Was that even a surprise at all? I mean honestly, the plot had holes in the trailer for heavens sake. Plus, even though I wouldn't name my kid Esther, I still kind of like that name and it bugs me they would use it as an evil child's name because its from the bible. And I like Esther's story. And I like the name. So I'm glad the film is sucking.

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