Phone messages

Two years ago on my birthday my Mom called and left a message on my voicemail. She sang the song she made up decades ago and wished me happy birthday. I have kept his message on my voicemail. It is the only recording I have of her voice.

On my birthday I listened to the message on my speaker phone so my daughter could hear. As I thought about it, she probably hasn’t heard her voice since Halloween 2007. That’s a long time in kid time. She got a big smile on her face and asked if that was Meemaw. And then she asked something that broke my heart.
“Did she call from heaven?”
Oh, the innocence of children. That one innocent question just socked me in the stomach. I wish she could call me from heaven. I know we would talk and talk for hours. There are many times when I’ve listened to that message when the voice comes on at the end that tells you to push 7 to delete the message, 9 the save the message, and 88 to call the message sender, that I have wished I could have just pressed 88 and called my Mom.
“Did she call from heaven?”
Uh, little girl, I wish. I wish you could call your Meemaw in heaven. I wish she were here in the flesh to sing to me her birthday song. I wish she were here to watch you grow up.
I wish.
I wish.
She could call from heaven.

4 thoughts on “Phone messages

  1. I have a feeling Mom would like to call you, too. If you would like me to sing "Little Marisa Sue McPeck-Stringham is 31 years old," to you I will try my hardest to sound like Mom. 🙂

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