So stupid it makes my brain hurt

Today, President Obama will be giving an address to school children about staying in school and working hard. It’s no secret that the President himself wouldn’t be where he is today without the benefit of a good education. So it seems especially important coming from a man who got to the highest office in the land just through studying and working hard to tell the children of this nation the value of valuing their education.
What has astounded/shocked/saddened me is the parents who are against this. They’re actually against the President telling their children to work hard and stay in school. And I can’t help but think that’s its not the message that has them pissed, its the man himself. They disagree with his policies so that must mean they disagree with everything that he does. During the Bush administration I heard time and time again that even if I couldn’t respect the man, I should still respect the office. And I can honestly say if Bush had wanted to do a webcast with school children telling them to stay in school I wouldn’t have had a problem with it. Children look up to their leaders and who’s to say what President Obama has to say today won’t inspire these kids to make education important in their lives? Especially for those children where this value isn’t reinforced at home or in their communities.

I can only imagine the uproar that would be on Fox and talk radio if Bush had decided to address school children in the way President Obama is doing and left-wing parents who didn’t trust Bush protested, forcing the schools into make it optional, like sex ed, with a permission slip sent home. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh would have chewed their asses up and then spit them out. Bill O’Reilley would be screaming through the TV. Glenn Beck would be crying over the lack of patriotism.

Truth be told, I’m very disappointed with the citizens of my country right now. I don’t think I can explain what I felt the night of the election last November. There was so much unity, so much hope, a feeling of so much “oneness” after so many years of “dividedness.” And now, the President can’t even address the school children without accusations of trying to indoctrinate them into believing in socialist ideals or something. People can’t even go to a flipping town hall and share their stories about health care without being shouted down by a pack of wild dogs. When I saw the news clip with the woman from New Jersey who was in a wheelchair talking about being disabled due to 2 different auto-immune diseases and she was on the brink of losing her house it broke my heart. Here she poured out her heart about a system which had failed her and there were those in the crowd laughing and jeering at her. Really? I like what my sister said…“I would like to see compassion for our fellow human beings become depoliticized.” One man in the crowd, when the reporter told him what she was saying asked, “why does a lady in a wheelchair have more rights than me?” I would ask, what rights of his are being taken away?

I’m smart enough to realize that by sending my kids to a public school I’m already participating in a socialist system. So maybe this is what the right-wing means about indoctrination? If Obama encourages the kids to stay in school that means he’s encouraging them to keep participating in free education, a socialist system. I gotta say, I’m happy for this socialist system. I can’t even imagine having to pay to to educate my kids. Or having to pay the fire department that time they came out when our carbon monoxide detector went off in the middle of the night. Or pay the police to investigate when my purse was stolen. Or every other time they’ve protected me without my knowing about it. You see, these socialist systems, for the most part, work. And just because they’re government run institutions doesn’t mean we’re not always trying to improve them. They work and I think health care would work too. Just like I believe every American has the right to a free education, the right to be protected by the police and firefighters, I believe that they have the right to Health care.

So as I jump off my soapbox, I’d like to say that when my kids get home from school today, we’ll discuss what the President said. They don’t know the controversy surrounding it and luckily we don’t live in an asinine school district where I had to sign a permission slip saying it was okay for them to view it. I don’t know how much they’ll remember about the address. They hardly can remember some days what they had for lunch. But I hope that the President telling them about the importance of education will only support what we as parents believe. And what parent doesn’t need support in reinforcing the values they feel are important for their children? Especially by a man who holds the highest office in the country.

5 thoughts on “So stupid it makes my brain hurt

  1. This is more sad than anything really. Because it shows that some people, even though they are very intelligent, can also be very impressionable and led to fearful conclusions, even when said conclusions are completely far fetched. I don't know how people in my community, both in education and religion, are giving into this type of salacious nonsense. I'm just greatly disappointed.

  2. This makes me sick. You are absolutely right. I actually had someone at work tell me that Obama is going to say brainwashish things to our kids and then they are going to follow every word of because they are kids and thats what they do. ErrrEEr! Wrong. You're right, they probably won't really remember what the message is about. The only reason people are over reacting is because they already hate Obama to begin with so they think they don't need to show any respect at all, even though they barked at everyone else to show respect when Bush was President. I know I just kinda repeated what you said, but yeah- I totally agree. People are RIDICULOUS!

  3. Here, here! I'm not an Obama supporter, but THE MAN IS THE LEADER OF OUR COUNTRY! Some need to be teaching their children that you may not like a person, or even the institution they represent, but you have to respect them. Be it their status, or opinions and views. I don't see how people can listen to extreme left or right radioheads, that never tell the whole truth on any subject they touch! Media is doing its best to make everything clear as mud. If it weren't for all the political bickering we'd probably have a hell of a health care system right now. and many other better things in this great country of ours! Anyways, don't let Dad know we think this way or we'll all get a lecture on "Comrade Obama" of course fueled by "facts" from the limbaugh,and hennedy crowd.

  4. I think people got up in arms about the "I Pledge" video and assumed that some of the same organizations were going to be in the speech to the school kids. Obama only had a sound bite from some other speech in that video and was not in it personally. I have seen the video and thought it was okay and had plenty of good ideas for ways to help make the country better, I think the concern people had was that it listed very speficic organizations that are politically affiliated to "Plegde" to. The people who have other organizations doing similar things of another political affiliation may be upset about that. Personally I don't care if they list a specific organization and I'm only concerned with what the orginazation does, but some people do care. I mean how could you find fault with messages like, conserve eletricty, plant tress, use less plastic treat people better etc. I would care less where my child fell on the political lines if they were making a difference in these ways. If they worked for a left or right wing organization doing the same thing then what does it really matter.I have seen that people became upset with the "I Pledge" video where the celbrities are urging children to pledge "Serve" The President when the President serves us…however I think people are simply taking the statement in the wrong context. What the statement means is to serve your country…not the Prsident personally…that is simply silly. But people get up in arms very quickly without thinking some times. This goes for both side. As far as the back to school speech, I guess these people who were up in arms about the "I pledge" were worried about the speech being some polictal agedna. I read it and it is not. The President who as the leader of our country SHOULD be adressing our children did a fine job and there was nothing I would contest with his speech. I think the whole thing was blown out of porportion…..and this is coming from me…who is not a Fan of Obama, but supports the Presidency and Supports the Office. I also listen to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, but I am smart enough to step back and look at things then make up my own mind. In addition I am not a fan of Obama for reasons that stem from before he ran for President and some of the things that he has said and done with the people in the same line of work as me in his State. Being in the line of work as I am in I am called a racist sevaral times every single week without fail for the past four years. I don't know how many of you have been called a racist this week alone, but I would guess slim to none. The issues is so bad that the racisim has reversed in situations like I encounter because some people hold true to things that have passed years ago and had nothing to do with me. I feel that Our President has some axe to gring with people in my profession as was clearly demonstrated a few months ago. This axe was dropped by the vast majority of people many years ago. There may still be some people holding onto the completely obsurd ideas that one race is any better or more entitled than another, but I don't think it is anywhere near the level that some high profile people Gates, Jermiah Wright or our President believe it is. So…it is clear that I am not a fan, but I do respect the Office of the President…in spite of the fact that I am not a fan of Obama, I do think that the speech thing was blown way out of porportion and personally like the idea that our President felt our children were important enough to address in a message about good honest values. In fact the speech brought him up a notch in my book not down.

  5. I made some caustic comments about the absurd fears of Obama speaking to school children on Facebook, but I was preaching to the choir. I have 3 current school teachers & 1 former College Prof. as friends, and at least 2of them agree with me!

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