In my last post I wrote about pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze’s influence, and my Mom. I posted a version of this as my facebook status yesterday. I was limited to only 220 characters and couldn’t express myself fully. However, my general message was pretty much well represented.

I had a lot of friends who “liked” my status and made nice comments. However, my cousin chose to use my painful expression of grief as a time to lecture me about her opposition to Universal Health Care. How dare you?! Remind me to show as much sensitivity to you when your mother dies. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about your political opinion when I’m expressing a deep emotion. I don’t put myself there out there emotionally much on facebook, but when I do I expect it to be respected.

I deleted the comment. I don’t need that kind of crap. Guess what? I’m still ANGRY that my Mom is dead. Dead. She’s not coming back. Don’t use my grief and my pain as an opportunity to shove down Glenn Beck’s ludicrous lies about health care reform down my throat.


3 thoughts on “ANNOYED!!!

  1. That is pretty freaking ridiculous. What goes through people's brains? Who knows! Honestly, you are like the main reason I've researched and learned so much about pancreatic cancer. I'm terribly sorry for your loss. You should post something about her likes and dislikes, history and stuff so that I can get to know her better. That is if you want to.

  2. Your Mom was awesome. I really enjoyed the times I talked with her and her quick wit. One of the many sad parts about Pancreatic Cancer is that there are not as many people out pushing the research like there is with Breast Cancer etc. I know your Mom passing away really opened my eyes to how intense this type of cancer is. Keep expressing yourself and making people aware.I did not read the comment that is the subject of this post, but I do not think it was an appropriate place /time to push a political idea. I am sorry that somone else did think it was.

  3. That really pisses me off/saddens me that your cousin thought it was appropriate for them to go off on something like that when you spilled your guts out. I really wonder what the hell his wrong with people. Thats just really shitty of them and I'm sorry. Sue was one of the funniest ladies I had ever met in my life, we all really miss her. I can't even imagine the pain it still puts you in. I'd still be angry too! I love you Rissy!

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