Moving Day

Today I’m packing up my entire office and we’re moving to a brand-spanking new office. It’s kind of cool because it’s the first time in my agency’s history where they’ve separated out the clinical services from the adoption services. It’ll be weird to have a whole office to ourselves. And because it’s just us adoption peeps now, we all get our own office. No more sharing an office. Although, I have to say that I have loved sharing an office with my co-worker/friend Kari. Even if she did somehow talk me into doing the half marathon.

I hate moving. Even if I know it’s because I’m headed toward a better situation. In preparing for this move we’ve found a bunch of junk that hasn’t been used in years. We found a pamphlet recommending books on trans-racial adoptions from the 80s. Adoption has changed A LOT since then.
Our new office is so gorgeous, though. We got to pick out the patterns on our furniture. Everything is done in cherry wood. We even got to pick the pictures on the walls. When I saw it all put together for the first time, my exact reaction was “Wow!” I hope our clients feel peace when they come there.

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