Something strange is happening here

We have been sleeping with the window above our bed open all summer and the cool breeze feels awesome at night. The only thing is, our next-door neighbor’s house is very close to us. So close that sometimes I can hear one of them sneeze at night. There’s only about an alley way of space between our houses. They’re good neighbors, so I don’t mind too much. They have a motion detector light on that side of their house, which provides me with a bit of comfort. If anyone were to try to break into either of our houses the light would go off and probably scare them away.

This morning the hubs woke me up at 3:30 a.m. scared out of his mind. He had heard some tapping outside our window and what sounded like our gate moving back and forth. The motion detector light had not gone off and he couldn’t see anything out our window. So he walked into the living room and saw a big shadow on the wall. His first thought was that someone had broken into our house, so he ran to turn the hall light on. The shadow was from the computer chair. Apparently when he turned the hall light on, I woke up and said “what the hell?” However, I do not remember this.
So the hubs went back to bed a little freaked out. He tried to sleep but then the motion light came on outside. He began hearing our gate being moved back and forth again, and shot out of bed. He looked outside our window and that’s what woke me up. I looked out the window and was flabbergasted at what I saw. Four raccoons were walking along the fence and gate. I have never seen raccoons in my neighborhood before. It was so surreal.
After we back to bed and I was pretty sure I had dreamt everything. It wasn’t until morning when I said to the hubs, “that was pretty weird about the raccoons last night, right?” and he didn’t respond with a “what the crap are you talking about?” that I knew it was real. Today in our Sunday school class we told the kids in our class about it, and a girl that lives across and down the street from us, told us that the abandoned house next to hers has been infiltrated with raccoons. Maybe they were just out for a late night snack and scared the crap out of us in the process? Anyway, it was weird.

You’re so cute and yet so sneaky and mean

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