Jon Gosselin is the biggest douche bag in the world

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They say you marry one person and divorce another. Any father who would leave his children in a position where their mother was unable to pay their bills and support them for his own financial gain is scum. I used to half-heartedly watch their show because my kids like watching other little kids, and I still can’t believe what this has devolved into. Team Kate, baby. And I never thought I’d say it.

2 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin is the biggest douche bag in the world

  1. Okay, here is what I think….I've watched this show for several years and in the very beginning my husband would cringe watching Kate yell at Jon every episode. At first I stood up for her and said, "She is a Mom and she is stressed, she is just lashing out from that stress." But over the course of seasons 2 and 3, I noticed that this treatment of her husband was extremely unwarranted. I became very embarrassed for her and for Jon. I felt like the man was just sinking lower and lower into a hole which he wasn't going to fight because he loved his children and he was stuck. I've never been team Kate. Never. I've watched her purchase designer clothing and spend tons of money on tanning and jewelry. Her own family defames her claim that she cooks and cleans for the children. This is completely untrue. She has a personal organic specialized chef, people that do her laundry and many different nannies. Her claim that she is over her head is untrue and her behavior is unwarranted. Here is the blog of Jodi's sister, telling the truth behind the show. I saw them evolve into purchasing a 1.2 million dollar mansion. I saw that finally Jon had the means and the money to fight this situation. I continued to be team Jon. Even when I saw him go all Ed Hardy Douche on us and have earrings and a 23 year old girlfriend. I was like, "This guy needs to let off some steam!" I really wish that Jon and Kate would have stayed together, but I think when Jon saw that Kate wasn't going to let him ever have a say he just said, "eff it." And I can't say I blame the guy. I think that Kate's motives have always been half money, half kids. I think after all of this she is FINALLY starting to be all kids. In the beginning, that blog claims that they begged their fellow church members to give them any money to pay their bills and provide for the kids. But then it got out that they had between 40 and 80 thousand dollars in savings in the bank and they were asking for hand outs after all those church members paid their bills. I think that Kate was in control of this situation from the beginning. She married a guy two years younger than her that not only an introvert but was easily manipulated. Then she immediately wanted to have kids when the guy was 22. She jumped right into fertility and by the time Jon was 28 he was the father of 8 children, whether he liked it or not. Kate saw the show as an opportunity to provide for the kids and the get the lifestyle she always wanted. And it has cost her a marriage to a man that at one point would have done anything to stay with her. Jon latest crap is just your typical divorce douche behavior. I'm not longer team Jon, but I'm sure as hell not team Kate. I do feel bad for her and I see that she has played this divorce game very well, showing her to be the more intelligent of the two. She looks like the nice Mom trying to provide for her kids whereas Jon looks like a total idiot douche bag going through a mid life crisis. He is now playing dirty. The only benefit of this is the canceling of the show. Kate needs to sell that mansion, say sorry to the family that she has severed relationships with and apologize. She needs to pack those kids up with the thousands that she has left and play it smart. Move back with family and stop exploiting her kids. Her brother and his wife are dying to be back in the kids life and they would be more than willing to help her I'm sure. And now that Jon has grown somewhat of a pair of balls, perhaps he can like get a clue and drop off the scene as well. Get a real job dude.

  2. I agree with Chel Rae….although Jon is acting like a dork now…I do feel that Kate was an ignorant tyrant, who treated Jon like he was five years old and dim witted. I stopped watching the show because I couldn't sit and watch her dress Jon down and make condescending remarks to him every episode. I kept waitng for Jon to grow a set and stand up for himself. Then I would have started to watch again.

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