If you have a Facebook account

There is a disturbing trend I’ve noticed among some Facebook users. I will see on my home page that one of my friends has made a comment about an event, or losing their phone and needing phone numbers, or whatever, and their friends will comment on their status by typing their phone numbers into the message. Whenever this happens, I always comment:

Dear “So-and-So,” I don’t know you, but I now know your phone number. Just for your safety I would send that in a private email.”
Most people have commented back thanking me for pointing that out to them. But really? How stupid do you have to be to think that your phone number will be safe typed in your friend’s status updates comments? I have over 400 friends on Facebook and I can’t vouge for all of them. I can’t guarantee that one of them wouldn’t be a psycho who could use your phone number to harass you. Just remember, if you put your phone number in a status update you’re not only sending it to your friend, but all of their friends as well because it will appear on their home page. For you safety, send a private email.

One thought on “If you have a Facebook account

  1. I agree with you. I personally don't have a facebook account and hide in my blog where my identity is not revealed. I cannot have a facebook account because I have a large number of people who do not like me or I do not like them. Not because I am mean, just because of my day job. I know I could block people from being listed as my friend, but I prefer not to. Until then I check Emilys about once a month. I also think it's not wise to post any personal information on facebook…i.e. here's my phone number, I am going on vacation…so please don't come to my house and steal my plasma t.v. I work here….I work these hours etc…please stalk me.. Oh….and if you work with my Wife….you can't post anything because your supervisors check your facebook and write you up for comments they feels are related to work….like "It was another crazy night at work"….that alone will get you in the supervisors office.

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