My funny kid

My 5 year old son is hysterical. He always says the funniest things. I try to write them down so I can remember them and embarrass him with them when he’s a teenager. For the purpose of this story you should know that my kids call my Dad, “peepaw.”

This weekend my Dad’s youngest sister came all the way from Texas for my brother’s wedding. It’s easy to say that my Aunt Laura is my favorite Aunt. She’s always been there for us for our important events even though she’s always lived far away (and in many different places). Her husband couldn’t take off the time for the wedding because of work and so she graced us with her presence alone.
Sunday we were at the park playing around with the kids and having a family get together. Aunt Laura was taking pictures of the kids when my 5 year old asked her where her parents are. She told him that her parents were dead. He asked her, “is that why you live with peepaw now?”
It was so funny. We got a few laughs out of that for a while.

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