One tough kid

My 5 year old son is the toughest guy I know. He was born 4 weeks premature, and despite having a hoard of different medical professionals in the delivery room, he was pronounced healthy enough not to spend a single second in the NICU. Even the NICU nurses were amazed there wasn’t something wrong with this 5 pound 11 ounce little boy. Six weeks later the poor little guy was hospitalized for a week due to RSV. The nurses told my friend, who also had a child in the hospital with RSV, that he was the smallest baby they had seen with RSV (thank goodness they didn’t tell me that). But he pulled through. Even though we brought him home on oxygen and he was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 2. Somehow he miraculously overcame the asthma and didn’t even have a hint of it at his kindergarten check-up.

That’s not all folks, this is the kid who has such a high tolerance for pain that even when he was a toddler, we didn’t know that he had an ear infection until he had pus oozing from his ears. Yeah, it was gross. We couldn’t believe it because he showed no signs of a fever, never acted fussy, never grabbed at his ears. And even when his ear was so grossly infected, the dang kid was still smiling his butt off.
Today he came up to me to give me a hug and I noticed that his thumb was very swollen. Three times it’s normal size (I know because I compared it to his other thumb). There was also bruising on it. Three days ago, right before bedtime, he told me he had jammed it and I gave him ice to put on it. I was so deliriously tired from working for 11 hours that day that I barely remembered that. But the kid hasn’t said a peep about his thumb since. He went to school for 2 days and played for most of Saturday and never mentioned once that his thumb hurt. It was just dumb luck that I saw his thumb.
So I made the hubs run him up to the ER on Saturday night. The X-ray came back showing it had been broken. What kid breaks a bone and never says anything about it?! Seriously? Now you know why I say he is one tough kid.
Of course feeling guilty and like bad parents, the hubs brought him home from the hospital and we let him stay up way late and plied him with ice cream. I seriously love this kid. His wit, wisdom, and humor constantly amaze me. He is an old soul. But also his sheer toughness just blows my mind. I’ll have to give him extra tender hugs tonight.

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