Lose It – Week 22

I finally have broken the 4 week streak of only losing 0.8 pounds at a time! Yay! So maybe I did something right this week…I don’t know.

I wasn’t feeling good all weekend and didn’t exercise, and I ate french toast for breakfast 2 days in a row. So I totally wasn’t expecting much out of the scale this morning. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised.
So I stepped on the scale this morning and….
I lost 1.8 pounds!!!
Isn’t that awesome? I totally kicked that only losing 0.8 pounds in a week streak. I’m only 16 pounds away from weighing what it says I do on my driver’s license. I’m thinking that should be my new goal…to just weigh what it says I do on a legal document. In more awesome news, I’m only 7.6 pounds away from being within the “normal” range for my BMI.
Sunday night I did something I haven’t done in a while. I ate about an ounce of BBQ potato chips and drank a mountain dew, for a snack. I felt like total crap afterwards. I guess I learned my lesson. A few months ago a treat like that wouldn’t have even phased me.
Rock on. I’m sliding into week 23. Which is going to be very stressful so I hope it doesn’t affect the numbers on the scale in an upward motion kind of way.

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