Tattle Tales

We all know them. We all hate them. So why do they exist?

I would appreciate it if people had a problem with me, in whatever capacity, that they would address it to me first instead of running to someone who holds authority over me. Whether it be at work, the PTA, or a book club. I think it’s cowardly. I don’t like others who deliberately try to get others in trouble. You may cloak it in a disguise of compassion or concern, but really you’re just a little pot-stirrer, a drama starter, a trouble maker.
I think everyone else in the world feels pretty much the same way.
So if you’re that person who likes to cause drama in your book club by ratting out your fellow book club member by saying they didn’t bring the cookies the week they were assigned, or you’re the kid in class who tattles to the teacher saying, “Johnny’s not doing his assignment!” , or the co-worker who has so little respect for their fellow co-workers that they love nothing more than to monitor them and rat them out the first chance they can get to the boss, I say stop it. No one likes it. And no one likes you.

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