Looking forward to the future

In the matter of a week and a half, I’m going to be a home owner. Wahoo! The hubs and I have worked very hard for this day to come. It’s been really hard to watch all our friends and even family members purchase homes while we stayed behind and rented. We have loved the neighborhood we live in now, and especially our church community, but we both feel like it’s time to move on.

This is our house. We watched it be built from the ground up. We got to go and pick out everything on the inside. Right down to the style and color of our cabinets, the type of granite on our countertops, and paint. It was a lot of fun. Now we’re getting ready to pack and move in. It has been a struggle getting this far. One fraught with ups and downs, disappointments and successes. And that’s just been building the house!
A couple of Sundays ago we invited the hubs’ brother to come look at the house. He got there first and found two hoodlums had walked in (one of the contract workers left the door in the garage open) and used our house as a haven to smoke pot. I made reference to it in this post. Brother kicked them out and then wrote down their license plate number and the description of their car. He then called the county sherriff. The police came and walked the house. In our daughter’s bedroom closet they found a tin box with a baggy of pot, a pipe stuffed with pot, and a bowl. Later that night they called us and let us know they caught them and the hoodlums admitted it. The city attorney just happens to be the hubs’ best friend. So not only did they leave their pot behind, they admitted to it, and then get the almost owner’s best friend as the prosecutor. Dudes, you picked the wrong house to smoke pot in.
The hubs and I finally feel confident enough in our situation to announce that we will be moving. The house is about 10 miles west of where we live now. Luckily we’ll be in the same school district. Unfortunately the kids will have to change schools half way through the year. And my son will have to go from all-day kindergarten to half-days. I think it will be a good move for our family. I’m so excited to move to a place where there are a lot of kids, nice neighbors (we’ve met a lot of them and they’ve all been extremely nice and welcoming), and one where I’m not afraid to let my kids walk home from school. I’m excited to have a stable place where we can call home and raise our family.

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