Today we ran out to our new house so the hubs could measure the windows for blinds. As we walked in the front door as a family I had an overwhelming feeling like we were coming home. It was awesome. As the hubs measured all the windows, I took my daughter around and started showing her where everything would go. That was a lot of fun. She told me where she wanted the furniture in her room. We then mapped out the boys’ room. I took the two older kids to the bathroom they will share and told them what would go in the drawers and what not. They had so much fun they made me do it in my master suite.

Planning out where all the furniture was going in the new house and discussing it with my kids felt really right. I don’t know how to describe it. We been praying this house into existence for years and I can’t believe it’s finally going to be ours. I also noticed all the things my toddler likes to get into. Like opening the rolling drawers in the island in our kitchen. And turning on the faucets on the tub in the master bathroom. He also had a fun time taking off all the white rubber ends to the door stoppers and sucking on them. I’m going to have to do some major toddler proofing.
It was so awesome being in our house together as a family today. The kids and I laid on the carpet in the living room and talked. My 8 year old daughter talked to me about being sad about leaving her all her old friends at her old school and how she is worried about making friends at her new school. I assured her that we were going to go to church for a solid month before she started at the new school and that would give her a good amount of time.
What I love about the new neighborhood is seeing all the kids playing outside. That is nothing something you never see on my street now. The snow was falling pretty heavily today. There were some young kids who were riding their sleds down a hill on the vacant lot next to us. That warmed my heart. This is a place where my kids get to grow up surrounded by children their age. I’m excited for them. I’m excited for their future. I’m excited for us. I’m excited I can finally give my family what we’ve been working for and saving for all these years.
Mama, I’m comin’ home.

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