A question of Bravery

Recently, on a blog I read regularly, there was a post about Sgt. Kimberly Munley who is credited as being one of the civilian police officers who helped take down Maj. Nidal Malik at the Fort Hood massacre. The author questioned whether or not this 5’2″ 125 pound woman proves that woman are capable of being effective in combat situations and whether or not woman should be allowed in the American military as combat soldiers. I expected a high spirited debate over this question, but there was something I did not accept.

One of the commentors actually said that what Sgt. Munley did was not brave! Please, all my readers who are police officers, will you tell us whether or not putting yourself in the line of fire, engaging someone in gun fire, and taking the gunman’s attention away from the people he’s shooting to you, thereby distracting said gunman from taking more people’s live, and being shot 2 times in the process, is a brave thing to do? Whether it is your job or not.

Sgt. Munley was at the end of her shift and was washing her cruiser when she got the call that shots were fired at Fort Hood. I don’t know what all her options were at that point, but I know she took the most difficult one where she put herself in harm’s way to save others. That’s brave!
When I argued with this idiot, they had the audacity to say that police officers and soldiers are not brave just like cancer patients are not brave for having cancer.
Well that did it. You don’t step to me about cancer patients not being brave and not expect a verbal onslaught. In fact, I’m still seething with rage. I guess this person is entitled to their opinion no matter how idiotic, moronic, unsympathetic, hardhearted, callous, cruel, heartless, pitiless, cold, insensitive, uncaring, and devoid of any compassion it is.
I don’t care what anyone says…Sgt. Munley is BRAVE! She’s also one helluva woman who makes me proud!

2 thoughts on “A question of Bravery

  1. I work with many female officers…and I trust each of them with my life and respect them as much as any male on my shift. She was brave to do this, and the person you argued with is a mirror image of many people I encounter every week who tell police they are not needed, wanted or care about. I know what it is like to go to a scene with people being shot by a gunman. I know she is brave and did put herself second. I remember running into Trolley Square while people were being blown away…I remember thinking "If I get shot an killed, at least the other officers with me can return fire and stop all these people from being killed" This guy who argued with you and had the nerve to say that, and then to add the whole cancer thing…well he's an idiot. He's also the first person who calls the police when he hears a noise in his yard and would likely be the first person to whine and complain the whole time he had cancer instead of fighting it bravely. He's the type of entitled guy who has never faced real adversity and would cower in it's presence.

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