Our new Home

I’m not trying to brag or hold my house above anyone else’s. I’m just fantastically happy that I finally own a home. I never thought it would be possible, especially not in this financial climate. So I write these things to share my joy with you. Who knew that some 2 x 4s, some dry wall, and some paint could be a dream come true? The dream for my family to grow up in a home of our own, in a neighborhood with kind people, to live in a community that is safe, has come true. So I say this with great humility, as I never thought I would realize my dream.

Top 10 things I LOVE about my house

1. When I walk into my garage, the motion light automatically turns on. No more fumbling around in the dark trying to find a light so that I can get something out of my garage. Or trying to load my kids in the minivan in the dark.
2. My deep bath tub. Taking my first bath in there the other night was heavenly. I love to read while taking long, leisurely baths, and I finally have a comfortable place to do it in.
3. My detachable shower head! Now I can reach the hard to reach places and get them clean. And I can get all the conditioner out of my hair and we can hose down the kids.
4. My kitchen counters are all granite. They are so beautiful. The laminate counters in my old kitchen were 30+ years old, ugly, hard to clean, and falling apart. My large island in the kitchen to cook on is fantastic. I wipe them down constantly just so I can touch them.
5. It’s CLEAN!!! I have lived in dirty, well lived-in rental homes since I got married in 1999. Our last house was literally falling down around us and there was nothing we could do because our landlord just didn’t care. There is nothing that makes you feel more defeated than living in a home you hate.
6. My kids love their bedrooms. They take so much pride in having a space of their own that they’re making their beds everyday, they’re cleaning their rooms, and they’re just taking care of their things. Their old room was just dirty, over-run with toys, and my daughter and my son had to share a room and they were getting way too old for that.
7. My laundry room. It doesn’t double as a bathroom anymore! It’s really hard to clean a bathroom when there’s dust and lint coating everything. I love putting all my cleaning supplies in there.
8. I’m actually taking joy in housekeeping for the first time in my life. I never thought I’d love to sweep my floors or vacuum. But because it’s mine and I want to keep it nice, I love taking care of it. I really do. I’m kind of scaring myself with my sudden domesticity.
9. My master suite. The hubs and I finally have our own space and PRIVACY. How wonderful. We bought a new bedroom set. We’ve never had one that wasn’t made of cheap, crappy particle board. I love it! It just brings me joy to walk into my bedroom. In the old house, it just made me tired and made me want to give up.
10. The family that I love more than life itself lives here.

4 thoughts on “Our new Home

  1. Anyone who thinks you are bragging does not know you at all. How happy I am for you guys! I love the smell of your house, and it is so so pretty- I hope to live in one like it someday too!! It makes me happy to hear that the kids are taking care of stuff- I know they love it!!I want to come over all the time. Hopefully you're cool with that- don't want to ruin your perfect exsistance or anything haha 😉 You know what I mean by that baby girl!

  2. I am also very glad you guys got this house. Your old palce was really falling down around you. I say…brag away if you wanted to. Who cares! Although I don't think anyone would take you saying how much you like your new home as bragging. So…is it bragging or just expressing the truth. I say your just expressing the truth. You have a really nice home in a great neighborhood that is quiet and a nice place to live. Not to mention you guys deserve that. So if that is bragging…then I am bragging on your behalf as well.

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