Double Conditioning

I know I can’t always write about deep, philosophical things. Sometimes just the simplest things make me happy. Things that are really luxuries and pure vanity in other parts of the world. This blog is for all my thoughts, deep and shallow alike.

I have started doing something in the shower that has changed my life! Two weeks ago my friend Kari and I went to see, “The Blindside.” Out of all the messages I got out of the show, who knew the one that would impact me personally the most is when Leigh Ann (the Mom) tells Collins (the daughter) not to double condition her hair in the shower after a volleyball match because they were in a hurry? Um, hello! I sat there thinking, “people do that?” So the next time I hit the shower I put in conditioner, left it for about 5 minutes, rinsed it out, put in more conditioner, left it in while I shaved my legs, and then rinsed. Wha-la! My hair has never been softer and more manageable. My hair gets seriously tangled throughout the day and double conditioning has put an end to that. Also, it’s not as staticy as it usually is during winter (staticy hair drives me bonkers!). Since I use a very hot flat iron on it every couple of days, I feel it’s important to protect my hair with twice the conditioner.

Okay, so that was my totally vain gushing for the day.

3 thoughts on “Double Conditioning

  1. I always have tons of static in the winter – and not just in my hair. The other night I literally saw sparks as I took off my clothes to put on pajamas! I have to limit hair-washing to two or three times a week because my hair is so fine and prone to over drying. Maybe we're related!Anyway, I just got some ridiculously expensive french leave-in conditioner from the salon I go to. It works pretty well and it's light enough to use every day. I suppose that it's worth it – it is a local salon and I like my money going to people in the community. But I think I shall try this double conditioning thing as well.

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