The Dish

I’m addicted to Dish Network. It’s changed my life. I’ve never had a DVR before. We had Media Center on our computer that recorded our shows, but it is in no way as cool or as good as DVR. I have like a bazillion channels. I have two favorite new shows on networks I never had before. “The Locator” and “Adoption Stories.” I had a “The Locator” marathon on Thursday where I watched 8 episodes over the course of a day. It was awesome. Thank you DVR! Thank you Dish Network. I love you.

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3 thoughts on “The Dish

  1. I too miss my DVR but at least i can watch most of my shows online. 80) And now I have to watch that Ninja show that casey showed me dang it. Did you see that thier following those moms from 16 and presgnant on MTV they all have a show called teen moms.

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