I’m sick

I feel like a crap sandwich with a side of apple sauce. I haven’t been sick in a long time. Actually that’s not true. I was sick for most of August and couldn’t work out. This is a cold, though, and not bronchitis. Which means I can actually breath. I’m kind of scared because I visited a client last week that had a cold and now she’s in the ICU with swine flu. I don’t think I have it because that would be a really slow acting virus. She’s okay, thank goodness, and the ICU is mostly preventative. I blame myself. It’s not like I don’t know that I have bad asthma and I spent 3 days in a row outside in the cold. But the Christmas lights were so pretty!

Today my two oldest kids and I had two cavities filled a piece. My kids are really weird because they like going to the dentist and they like going to the doctor. Yesterday they got their second dose of the swine flu vaccine and they bragged about how brave they were. My dentist commented today on how much braver my kids are than some adults. My dentist is really good though. He numbs up your gums with a topical analgesic before he gives you your shots. Besides the horrible taste, I barely knew what he was doing. One of my cavities wasn’t deep enough to warrant a shot on that side of my mouth. I’ve never had a tooth drilled into and not even felt pain before without some numbing medication. Oh yeah, I’m tough.

2 thoughts on “I’m sick

  1. I had a cavity filled yesterday too! It didn't hurt and I didnt gag with the dentist's fingers in my mouth, so all is good.I'm sorry you are still sick though. NO BUENO!! Get well soon my love!

  2. Do you need me to bring some chicken noodle soup over? It won't be homemade, but I can at least open a can and heat it up. Who knows it may help….I'm trying.Your kids are brave…when I was young I didn't like the doctor or dentist. I have been to the doctors five times in 11 days…blah! One of my goals for 2010…is to only go to the Doctor for a check up in July…that's it. Get feeling better…let me know if you need to soup = )

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