Girl Interrupted

Dear Brittany,

To your funny and awkward performance in “Clueless.” You won our hearts with your portrayal of Tai, who went from geek to chic, an ultimate fish-out-of-water.

To your heart-breakingly real and honest performance of Daisy in “Girl Interrupted.” Where you shocked us all with your breath-takingly truthful portrayal of a mentally unstable girl driven to her illness through the molestation from her father.
To your funny, best-friend performance of Fay in “Riding in Cars with Boys.” You out-shone your co-stars with your warmth, goofiness, and charm.
I can’t help but think the world lost a great talent. It is truly such a waste. Brittany Murphy, dead at 32. Rest in Peace.

2 thoughts on “Girl Interrupted

  1. Yes this is very sad. Its so crazy how the universe kind of aligns when things like this happen. I was just thinking about her the other day, watching Just Married and remembering how much I love her. Especially in the movie with Dakota Fanning, as a nanny. Then like a day or two later, she is gone. I was even worried about her and wondering how she was doing while I was watching the movie. Odd.

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