Christmas Memories

To me, Christmas will always be about watching my Mom make kleiner for hours and hours, and hanging around waiting for scraps of dough. It’s about watching “White Christmas” while decorating the Christmas tree.

My first Christmas – my sister Amanda was 6, my Mom was 33

It’s about going to my Great Aunt Beth’s house in Honeyville on Christmas Eve, playing with my cousins, having a gift exchange, singing Christmas carols.

My Mom, with my brother Victor, and Great Aunt Beth (my Dad’s in the background)
It’s about Christmas morning and my parents having us line up by age (later it was by height) to go open our Christmas presents. It’s about a stocking full of nuts I could never eat and giving them to my Dad. It’s about having aebelskeivers for breakfast every Christmas morning. It’s about Christmas dinner at my Grandparent’s house eating Danish banquet soup with pumperknickle bread, Danish dessert, and kleiner. It’s about a 2 week vacation from school, snow on the ground, and end-of-the year specials on TV. It’s about celebrating the birth of my Savior and reading Luke 2 on Christmas morning.
What are your Christmas memories?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Memories

  1. I loved Christmas parties at Grandma Beth's. I remember the neighbor across the river with a red light on his property. We always said it was Rudolph. And one year there was lots of snow so we slid down that back embankment onto the snowy reeds again and again. That was so fun. And kleiner and shortbread cookies and hot spiced apple cider. Good times were had by all. Hope your Christmas is great. We love you!! Jennifer.

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