Kidney Infections suck

For the past 2 days I have been cooped up in my bedroom recuperating from a kidney infection. I get them semi-regularly, even though I haven’t had one in a couple of years. One of the many doctors I’ve seen about it thinks I have urine reflux or whatever. All I know is, they’re very painful. This one hasn’t been as bad as ones I’ve had in the past. At least I don’t have a fever with this one.

Truth be told, I’m getting a little cabin feverish. It’s a good thing I love my bedroom suite and I finally have a TV in my bedroom. There was a “Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit” marathon on Sunday and that was awesome. It’s one of my favorite shows. Well, I better stop writing because the pain meds are kicking in. Just to recap, kidney infections suck, they’re painful, and I’m tired of being stuck in bed.

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