I got pulled over last night because I’m an idiot

Last night I went up to the hospital to visit a client. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up milk. I had a lot of things on my mind due to work and I just wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t very far from my house. I was blasting music and trying to drowned out my thoughts. When I turned right onto the main street to get to my house, I was pulled over by a police officer.

Might I say, I was a little embarrassed? Considering my brother-in-law, whom I respect very much, is a police officer and I wouldn’t want to reflect badly on him. This officer was so nice and so respectful. I was very contrite and apologized numerous times. I was also very polite, because I know that’s how I want people to treat my bro-in-law when he has to pull people over. I was speeding, I did something wrong, and I admitted it.
I was so grateful and thanked the officer profusely for letting me off with a warning. Trust me, I’ll never speed down that stretch of road again and I’ll try to control my lead foot on other roads as well. The officer did issue me a citation for not changing my address within 10 days (I honestly didn’t know I had to do that) and for not having current insurance info on me. We have current insurance, but it’s the car the hubs mainly uses and he hadn’t printed off our new cards yet. The officer was very nice and even gave me directions to the justice court and told me just to present my change of address and my insurance card and it will be resolved. He was very kind to me. I’ve been pulled over a fair amount of times in my life (I haven’t gotten a ticket since I was 19, though) and I’ve never encounted a police officer so understanding and so courteous. I’ve been yelled at, I’ve been condescended to, I’ve even had officers flirt with me. I was very impressed with him, and I think I’ll let his superiors know that.
So yeah, I learned my lesson. You won’t find me speeding and blasting Jay Z from my radio again on a Saturday night.

One thought on “I got pulled over last night because I’m an idiot

  1. I am glad to hear he was nice to you. Normally we hear how big of a jerk we were even if we weren't. I am also glad that he only gave you some non-moving violations. They are much easier and don't affect your driving record. However, I thought blasting Jay Z was a felony …at least where I come from it is….= ) j/k I am cool with that yo! Now if you were blasting ICP or NWA….then you may have some real trouble.

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