The best Mascara ever!

The week after Christmas I was sick. Really sick. I spent almost the entire week in bed. It gets boring laying in bed all day (alone, anyway). Especially when your pain meds make you itchy and not sleepy. So I spent a lot of time reading books, magazines, and watching TV.

I don’t usually look at the ads in magazines. They don’t really interest me. But for some reason I found myself looking at the ads in my favorite mag, GLAMOUR. The ad was introducing new make-up from lots of different companies for 2010. I saw the most unique mascara brush ever and ran out to Target (as soon as I was well) and bought it. I love it. It is L’oreal Paris Telescopic explosion Mascara. Quite a long name. It’s unique because the brush is round, not elongated like most mascara brushes.

I love this mascara. I’ve never really used L’oreal makeup before (I’m more of a Neutrogena and Covergirl kind of girl) and I am quite impressed. I have blonde eyelashes and I have a hard time with a traditional mascara brush getting the mascara all the way down to the roots of my eyelashes. This is a problem because I have blonde roots and dark eyelashes. That doesn’t exactly look good. With this round brush I am better able to coat my entire lash. This is important for anyone with light eyelashes.
Anyway, I just thought I’d share this new find with my blog peeps.

One thought on “The best Mascara ever!

  1. Geez Marisa, It's about time you got with the times. I've been using this stuff for half a year. Of course when I use it…it's called "manscara" because I still wish to keep my man like traits in tact while acting like a women…that's normal..isn't it?

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