Lose It 2.0 – Week 2

This week I had more motivation to work my program than last week. It just takes a while to get back into the swing of things. I didn’t exercise as much as I had wanted, but I’m a busy Mom with 3 kids, so what can you do? I worked out on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. But, on Thursday we went ice skating, which is great exercise. That was a huge stepping-out-of-the box moment for me because I have a huge fear of falling. Despite this I was able to go around the rink 3 times, and I got better and faster each time. I admit, I was holding onto the wall most of the time, but at least I wasn’t crying like a baby while holding onto the wall. This is considerably improved from my last ice skating experience 😉

I ate A LOT of good food this week. Something about my new kitchen inspires me to cook. Something about my new mortgage and higher utilities makes me have to cook more rather than going out. Which is good, because the food I cook is usually healthier than the crap you get in fast food joints. I’m eating salad here, people. Saturday night I made a delicious roast chicken, with vegetables, and rosemary red potatoes. Sunday I made roast beef, funeral potatoes, and a romaine lettuce salad. I rock, I know it. Okay, so funeral potatoes aren’t necessarily more healthy, but at least I know they were made from real food and not chemicals in a lab.
This week I was 299 under my calorie budget for the week. Which was amazing considering Sunday night I was 800+ calories over my weekly budget. That’s what 90 minutes on an elliptical will do for you.
Moment of truth time. I stepped on the scale this morning and…
I lost 1.8 pounds!!!!
This is kind of amazing considering I worked out moderately and ate basically whatever I wanted to. Slow and steady wins the race, kittens.
On to week 3.

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