I have changed….again

I was really sick of looking at my blue daisy background and picture of the dead daisy in my header. I put that dead daisy there when I was really depressed about something and then forgot to take it down. I also changed the name of my blog because the old name sounded dumb and contrived and something I came up with last minute.

I decided to change the name to “Iron Daisy.” One, because daisies are my favorite flowers. Their beauty is in their simplicity. Two, because with this newfound blogging world, I’ve had to put on an armor, so to speak, to deal with all the negativity that comes your way when you talk about yourself. It’s really easy to say mean things to a person when you’re anonymous and on the internet. I need to learn to be tougher not to take those things to heart because they’re not truly reflective of the person I am. And three, I like change. I thrive on change. I get bored easily.
So there you go…new blog, new title, new backgrounds, new pictures. Same old Risa.

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