Let’s get Depressed because it’s Wintertime

My super-cool SiL, Emily, wrote something funny on her blog. Usually when you see a list of tagged question it’s all about likes or favorites. This one was about dislikes. Since it’s cold outside and that makes me super grumpy, I thought I’d follow suit and that some complaining was in order.

Foods which disgust the crap out of me:

Cottage Cheese. I don’t know why…it just freaks me out. Probably because it looks like curdled milk that I just threw up.

TV show I loathe:

Anything on Spike. I find that channel incredibly sexist and misogynistic.

Movie I loathe:

Please see this post for a complete list of all the movies I hate 🙂

Music genres I loathe:

Polka music really gets on my nerves.

Magazine which annoys me:

The boring ones they keep at the doctor’s office.

Makes me cranky at restaurant:

Bad service, longs waits, rude customers.

Makes me cranky in public:

Public in general.

Makes me cranky in general:

Elderly drivers who drive slowly in the left lane. Hello Grandpa…the left lane is for passing! There should be an age where people have to surrender their driver’s licenses.

Pisses me off at home:

Kids who don’t shut off the bathroom light and leave behind messes that they think I’m supposed to clean up.

Pisses me off in general:

People with entitled attitudes.

Makes me impatient at home:

Children who don’t listen to me.

Makes me impatient in public:

Slow drivers, incessant price checkers who hold up the line in grocery stores, long waits, long red lights, inconsiderate people, the stupid parents who pick up their kids at school and think they’re the only ones, etc. ad infinitum.

Celebrity I hate:

Donald Trump. Why are you famous you pompous ugly-hair havin’ douchebag?

Music artist I hate:

Barry Manilow (he writes the songs that make me wish I was deaf), Journey, the “On the Wings of Love” guy, any horrendous soft rock that came from the 70s, the guy who sang “If you get lost between the moon and New York City.” I want to dig out my earballs when I hear these horrendously awful people sing.

I could care less about:

Data chip processors and sports.

Annoys the crap out of me weekdays:

Getting up early. Homework.

Annoys the crap out of me weekends:

They’re not long enough.

Blogger’s habit that annoys you:

Bloggers who can’t spell, use correct grammar or sentence structure, and lack basic editing skills. Call it the English minor inside of me and I’m seriously anal about it. I spell check my texts! Bloggers who personally attack you on other sites because they disagree with you. What happened to a good hearted debate? Trolls and asshats in general.

Go forth and spread joy throughout the land now that I’ve brought you down 🙂

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