I’m in love

Suddenly and without any discernible reason, purple has become my new favorite color. Blue has always been my fave, but without any warning, I have started to love purple. Not lavender. Not violet. But purple.

I have bought a pair of purple pumps. They are gorgeous. I have bought two purple shirts in the last couple of months. I find myself attracted to all things purple. I even considered having purple weaved into my hair. The coat I bought this winter is purple. Purple, purple, everywhere. This might just be a phase I’m going through. I just don’t know.
The ballgown I bought for my sorority formal my sophomore year in college was this brilliant amethyst color. Up until that day, I would have never bought or worn anything purple. But the sales lady recommended I tried this dress on and I immediately loved the way the color looked on me. Back then my hair was blonde and my skin was much paler and it really brought out the blue in my eyes. Since then, I haven’t hated purple so much. I would post a picture of this dress, but then I would have to go dig it out of my sorority scrapbook, scan into the computer, and upload it. Too much work.
I don’t know when my purple obsession will end. For right now I’m so attracted to purple. It’s an infatuation. If you see me out and about and I look like Grimace or Barney, you know I have gone too far. And then I give you permission to reign in my purple passion.

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