The Urban Dictionary

On Facebook there is this craze going around this week to look up your name in the urban dictionary, at, and see what it says. There have been some pretty funny things people have posted. I decided to look up mine and see what it says. Here are the results:

1) One who parties like it’s their job
2) One who looks like Malibu Barbie for half the year
3) The art of not giving a sh** about anything or anyone
4) A large booty, very shakeable
5) A very happy, bubbly person, who laughs a lot. Usually a brunette with curly hair. A Marisa is confident and has many friends.
6) Man-magnet, that’s all there is to say.
7) Someone who spills hot chocolate at dinner.
My rebuttals:
1) I’ve never partied like it was my job. I’m such a light-weight/cheap drunk, it’s pathetic. And I haven’t had a drop of alcohol (does Nyqil count?) since 2000. Unless by party you mean doing homework with my kids, reading them books, making them dinner, and earning money for my family, then yeah…I party like it’s my job.
2) I’ve never looked like Malibu Barbie. I have no idea what that means. Except that Debbie wanted Ballerina Barbie because she was graceful and elegant.
3) I do give a sh** about people and things. I just don’t give a sh** what stupid people think of me.
4) I’m actually top heavy, so although my booty is curvy and round, it is not large. Darnit.
5) I’m happy, but not bubbly. I find enthusiasm annoying. However, I do laugh a lot and have brown, curly hair (when I don’t straighten it into oblivion). I am confident, but I’ve always believed that it’s the quality of friends that matters over the quantity. And I’ve got some dang awesome friends.
6) Yeah, I’d have to agree. So kidding.
7) I actually hate hot chocolate.
Interesting. I wonder what others have said about your names. But remember, don’t let the urban dictionary define you as a person!

2 thoughts on “The Urban Dictionary

  1. I looked my name up and wasn't that impressed either. I didn't think it fit me, but that is OK! I am sure that common as my name is, there must be someone to fit each definition. They can have them, I am me!You don't like bubbly and find enthusiasm annoying? Sadly those have been used to describe me. I do think that I have calmed down a little over the years!

  2. I checked mine as well. I found that it described someone I would like to be. Funny, well-liked, good looking, smells like cabbage, has small hands. "Ticket Taker" at the traveling carnival etc. So instead of posting something not true I just moved on.

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