Kidney Infection Round Two

Tuesday night I got home from work and collapsed on my bed. I had a fever, chills, body aches, and some pain in my side. I thought it might be the flu coming on. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning just shivering from the chills and with my left kidney aching. I felt awful. For whatever reason, I thought if I just took some Motrin I’d be okay to go to work on Wednesday. Wrong. I got up, did my hair and makeup, and was about to get dressed when I realized, “I can’t do this.”

So I made the hubs take me to the doctor. After the nurse took my vital signs and made me pee in a cup, the doctor came in and without saying hello said, “I don’t like this fever.” It was really high. Like almost 102. After his examination he diagnosed me with yet another kidney infection. My second one in two months. Sucktastic. This one is worse than the one I had after Christmas. With the last one I didn’t have a fever and nausea. The doctor wouldn’t let me leave without giving me a shot in the heiney with a fast-acting antiobiotic. He was really worried about my fever. It stung really bad. Plus my lower back is really ticklish, so just having the nurse wipe alcohol on me made me wince.
Now I’m on a really strong antibiotic (they give it to people exposed to anthrax) and a pain killer that basically knocked me out all of yesterday. I also have to take Motrin for the fever so I’m either shivering cold when I have the fever or so hot that I’m sweating profusely after my fever breaks. Boo. The pain killer, even though I’ve been eating it with food, as made me nauseous so I threw up twice yesterday. Yucky.
I’m supposed to spend today and the next day in bed. Yesterday it was fine because I usually work on Wednesdays and my wonderful mother-in-law takes the kids on the days I work. I didn’t know what I was going to do today, but after posting on Facebook about my kidney infection, one of my neighbors offered to take the little one for me while the two bigs are in school. Thank you! I’m so glad to live in a ‘hood where people are nice and will help you.
Anyway, thanks to all of you who have been concerned. I appreciate all my wonderful friends.
I just had to add that after posting on Facebook about how thankful I am for people helping me while I’m sick, another woman in my neighborhood offered to bring dinner to us. And it was delicious. I’m feeling very thankful and humbled by all the kind and generous people in my life.

3 thoughts on “Kidney Infection Round Two

  1. I am glad you have people close by to help you! I wish I was there to be one of them. One of the joys of being unemployed is that I have plenty of time to serve others. Get well, and I hope this is the last one forever (if not forever then a really, really, really (etc on the reallys) long time!

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