My littles are the best

Thursday night was Parent/Teacher Conference for our two oldest children. I didn’t go because I’ve been confined to my bed. The hubs went and reported back on what the teachers had to say.

Our girl is in 3rd grade and she has really struggled since she started school because she has ADHD. Her first grade teacher said that she missed 80% of what happened in class. I think part of that was her teacher’s fault for expecting 1st graders to act like 5th graders and giving them way too high of expectations. Like sitting in their seat all day long without getting up and bringing home spelling words like “fireplace” and “thermometer.” Really, in 1st grade? After consulting with her pediatrician, her school counselor, several social workers, and a couple of child psychologists, we have found behavioral and medication interventions that have worked for her. Tonight was the first Parent/Teacher Conference where they said our girly girl was right on task for her grade and only struggles with reading a bit. Today she was reading a book to me, and trust me, she has come a loooooooong way. Luckily she has been put in two different reading tutoring groups where she will be able to be at grade level by 4th grade. I’m so proud of her. She has worked really hard, has suffered through a lot of different interventions that didn’t work, and has come through some pretty emotional traumatizing stuff in her young life. She lost her grandma, who she was very close to, when she was only 6 years old. This is something she still cries often about. And I’m sure it added to her being distracted in class. How could it not? She’s a total sweetheart who lights up the room when she walks in. She’s so tender and even invited a friend over on Thursday to help take care of me because I’m sick.
Our 6 year old kindergartener is practically perfect in every way. The highest grade you can get is a “4” and he basically got a 4 on everything. His teacher has a hard time not giving him 100% on everything. The kid comes home with a homework packet on Monday that’s due on Friday and sits down and does the whole thing on Monday afternoon! Apparently he’s a good influence on the other kids. Which doesn’t surprise me since he tried to talk his Aunts Emily out of saran wrapping his uncle’s truck. His reading is far beyond grade level. After how much we struggled with homework for years with our girl, he is quite a welcome relief. He’s so smart that I can’t get over it. Also, he has a very kind heart and is friends with everyone. I’m so proud he’s my son. What a good little guy.
On Thursday morning a new friend I made in my ‘hood watched our little 19 month old until our girl was home from school. She said that he was so sweet. I don’t doubt it. He has been the sweetest little baby ever since he was born. Even if he is a little headstrong and stubborn (hello, he’s my son), I still melt when he lays his head on my shoulder while I read him a book. Or how he insists on giving me kisses goodbye/goodnight/hello. I’m also proud that he’s my son. I’m so glad we had him. After our second child I figured we were pretty much done considering we had one girl and one boy…but I can’t imagine my life without this child and his sweet little face.
I will end my shout-out to my super rockin’ awesome kids by saying, “Mommy loves you!”

2 thoughts on “My littles are the best

  1. Sounds like a fun mix! Kids are the best (or in my case nieces and nephews). Funny how easily they can endear us to them! Mikes kids are very perfect for their Dear Aunt Becca. They always get excited (which they show with screams) and tackle me. While we were hiking Kenzie had something in her had and said, 'Becca will take a picture of this!' I did, She even got upset when I only took 1 picture of her, so I had to take more.I am glad that you have 3 angels to cheer you up and add some enjoyment into an otherwise boring 3 days. You are amazing, and I don't doubt that your kids will be as amazing as their mother (and I am sure their father)

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