Lose It 2.0 – Week 5

I think it’s no secret that I had a massive kidney infection this week. It hit me hard last Tuesday, and to be honest, I’m still recovering. I did what was best for me and ate things to get my system back in shape after taking so many strong antibiotics, like pro-biotic yogurt. Yummy. Because I was on pain pills, I was only really able to eat a little. They made me really nauseous on Wednesday and I ended up throwing up twice. I didn’t eat a whole lot, because I didn’t want to upset my system, so I was basically under my calorie budget every day. And not because I exercised. Unless you count laying in bed sweating off a fever exercise.

I got a lot of rest this last week and hopefully I’ve recovered enough to start to take baby steps into working out again.
I stepped on the scale this morning and…
I lost 1.4 pounds!!!
I can’t help but feel like this was only because the pain killers I was on made me lose my appetite completely. Oh well, a loss is a loss.
On to week 5, bleeps (that’s blog peeps).

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