Happy Birthday to my Mom

Today is my Mom’s birthday. She would have been 65 today. This picture was taken on her birthday in 2004. This year the sibs and I are going to get together and celebrate her life. Celebrate her great sense of humor. Celebrate her quirks. Celebrate her kindness and compassion. Celebrate her flaws as well as her strengths. Celebrate that we had a mother who loved us so much she would have done anything for us. Lately I’ve been missing her a lot. You see, whenever I was feeling down I would call my Mom and she would cheer me up. Now that person in my life is gone. Her utter belief in me always made me feel better. She never failed to tell me how smart and beautiful she thought I was. Anything good about me, I got from her. And I think she was an amazing woman. She went through a lot of emotional trauma in her life. But she still tried to make those around her happy and to laugh. She never lost her sense of humor. Not when she battled breast cancer at 42 and not even when she was battling through a very painful and terminal case of pancreatic cancer at 62. She was brave, strong, and kind. I strive to have her courage.

I love you Momoo! I miss you every single day. That will never change. Til we meet again, mother dear. We celebrate your life today.

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