Best Gift Ever

I think most people have seen a picture of their parents on their wedding day. Barring the fact that some people’s parents never were married or have very acrimonious divorces. Still, I think that’s a common thing. My parents never had pictures of their wedding day. They told us that they either had left the cover on the lens of the camera and pictures didn’t turn out, or that they forgot to put film in their camera. I had kind of accepted the fact, because there was no way I could change it, that I would never see a picture of my parents the day they got married. They had only known each other 7 weeks when they got married. They eloped to the Justice of the Peace’s office. They had invited two friends as witnesses and then took them to lunch at IHOP afterwards. They drove up the Maryland coast for their honeymoon. They were married for 36 years.
We’ve been cleaning out my parent’s house for the last 2 years. My mom was a pack-rat, to put it nicely. She had a very hard time throwing anything away. Recently my Dad and brother found a huge box of pictures, my Mom’s old scrapbook, and a bunch of pictures on slides. My step-mom said that she would digitalize the slides for us. Today I got an email from her with the slides. At first they were pics of my Dad in Vietnam. They were really cool to see because I’ve never seen them before. And my brother looks so much like my Dad that it’s freaky. Then I scrolled down a little bit father.
It took me a minute to realize what I was looking at. They were pictures of my Mom and Dad’s wedding day, outside of the courthouse. I burst into tears. In 31 years 6 months 2 weeks and 5 days of living I have never seen pictures of my parents on their wedding day before. Literal tears streaming down my face, I called to the hubs and showed him. They look so young. They look so happy. They look so in love. This is such a huge, huge gift to me. Such a sweet, sweet surprise. I can’t even put into words the joy I feel looking at these pictures. I love you Mom and Dad!

My parents August 13, 1971

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