Rantorific Thursday

Okay, the phrase “All Because Two People Fell in Love” seriously, seriously needs to be retired. In my job I visit a lot of homes and I didn’t know that that phrase in vinyl lettering on a wall was required by Mormon law. This phrase usually adorns the walls of home with family pictures beneath it. It annoys because it’s not because two people fell in love. It’s all because two people had sex and made babies.

If you have this on your wall, I sincerely apologize. But c’mon…its’ so cliched it doesn’t mean anything anymore.
The End.

5 thoughts on “Rantorific Thursday

  1. How about, "I know I'm special 'cause God don't make no junk." And those fill in the blank "Love is…" signs you saw everywhere. Those are two from my childhood. And more recently, "Families are forever" and "Home is where your story begins." Those trends ended, eventually, and so shall the current ones, just in time for the next hot thing. Mormons, and I think Americans in general, are really motivated by social pressure (Mormons by the local culture, Americans by the media-presented culture. Think Hannah Montana, etc.) It's all about being homogeneous. Too bad.

  2. Although I do not have this phrase on my wall and simply have some that came with the house when we bought it. PersonallY I do not like them or dislike them…I am neutral. For "some" people a resulting family is in fact because to people first fell in love. Which for them happened before sex and no sex would have happened without love…so maybe the phrase is true for them. However, in Momron culture, the majority of people do not have sex first, have a family then fall in love, so I think your rational behind the phrase being incorrect, is an incorrect assesment of the order that commonly creates family amongst some Mormon homes = ) Maybe you should just look at the photos and not the vinyl letters. Your are like the "Soup Nazi" from "Seinfeld" only your venom is directed at Vinyl. Don't you remember that vinyl once make records…it wasn't always for letters…don't hate the vinyl.

  3. My father’s grandfather always used to say,”Just think, it used to be just me and my dog.” (This is when all his offspring and their offspring were over wreaking havoc on his house) I’d love to see that vinyled on someone’s wall.
    Normally, I am morally opposed to vinyl lettering, but my friend Ellen has the coolest ever above the toilet in her bathroom. It says- “Fat-bottomed girls they make the rockin’ world go round.” Gotta love that.

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