God Bless Keith Olbermann

I too have stood in a hospital room watching my parent, my mother, in the most horrific pain imaginable while she begged me to find someone to kill her. There are no words to describe it. You can’t know how you’re going to feel until you’re in that situation. Thank goodness not once while she was dying of cancer did my parents have to worry how they were going to pay her medical bills. HOW DARE anyone say that we Americans don’t have the right to die in dignity, to live with health, and to not worry about going into debt to try to save our lives or the lives of someone we love. HOW DARE people let their politics become more important than the 45 million people who go uninsured each year in this country because they don’t have money. HOW DARE the politicians line their pockets with money from insurance companies while real people, the ones who do the living and dying and working in this country, suffer. HOW DARE. How dare…
Comments on these videos on Youtube have been disabled because of hateful comments made by heartless trolls.

5 thoughts on “God Bless Keith Olbermann

  1. "What is this country for, if not to take care of its people."This is so ridiculous, this whole entire thing. It really angers me that we don't get the care that we need because someone wants to make billions of dollars. It sickens me. It makes me sad and at times I want to move out of the country and raise my kids in the UK. Better health care, better education system.

  2. Marisa, I don't question your moral outrage and passion, just your data. 46 million people dead each year due to lack of insurance? That's about 1/8 of the US population. The country would cease to exist in under a decade! I believe you are trying to cite the figure of approximately 46 million people without insurance in America. About 13 million of those qualify for medicare/medicaid or other gov't insurance and are not signed up for whatever reason. That leaves about 33 million uninsured. Most of these, about 20 million, are illegal aliens, whom Obama promises are not going to be covered as citizens. Of the 13 million remaining, given a mortality rate of about 8/1000 (the statistic from 2005), about 104,000 will die. And they will not all die from not having insurance. I don't want to piss you off (believe you me!!). I just want you not to misquote the facts. Although I disagree with you about from whence change and help should come, I think you'll agree that your argument is still just as valid whether there are 46 million dying due to lack of insurance, or 10 people dying due to lack of insurance.

  3. I said:HOW DARE people let their politics become more important than the 45 million people who go uninsured each year in this country because they don't have money. I didn't say that many people died each year. Although there are thousands of people each year who do die because of lack of insurance.

  4. Marisa, I read your blog entry very carefully several times. It did say what I quoted. I even listened to Olberman very carefully, trying to see if he perhaps used that erroneous figure (which he didn't.) Your entry was changed after I read and responded to it. The comment about the youtube comments being made was added, and apparently other changes were made as well. This is, of course, fine. Your blog, your right. Perhaps my comment hadn't posted yet when you changed it, because I took some time to make sure my numbers were correct. NOW you blog entry doesn't say "…46 million people who die each year because they are uninsured…" which is fine. But it did, and I responded to what you had written.

  5. We must have cross-posted because this post, like all of my posts, are edited 1,000 times before I'm happy with them. I never want to misrepresent the facts. I'm sorry if you felt like that's what I was trying to do to make my point.

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