10 Days

Wow, I’ve let 10 days go by without posting anything. I really am a blog slacker these days. The last couple of months I really haven’t had that much to write about.

I fear this is going to be our last beautiful day in Northern Utah for a while. We had beautiful weather in the high 60s and 70s over the weekend. Yesterday it was so beautiful I couldn’t bear to force the kids to come inside and do homework. Last night on our cul-de-sac, I swear every kid on the street was out playing together. It was nice to see so many kids on their bikes, roller-blades, rip sticks, and playing soccer and basketball together. Alas, the weather forecast calls for rain and thunderstorms over the next three days.
Confession time: I have not trained at all for this half marathon coming up in August. I realize it’s 4 months away and that’s plenty of time, but I’m getting nervous. I cannot find the motivation to get my butt out there and train. I think I’m remembering how painful the half marathon was last year and how the nearer I got to the finish line, the more I swore to myself I would never participate in one of these things again. I think half marathons (and probably marathons, but I’ve never done a full one of those) are like giving birth. It is so painful in the moment and you wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. And then you forget about the pain a few months later and somehow talk yourself into another one. I know for my physical health I should do it, but I just feel so “meh” about it.
And that’s my randomness for today.

3 thoughts on “10 Days

  1. I have kinda been training but not really on the nice days I go out and run so here is what I am thinking lets make time to meet each other and workout since we are both doing the marathon.

  2. If you are a blog slacker for not posting anything in 10 days, I don't want to know what I am. I think it has been over a month.I hope your 'meh' feeling will leave soon, so you can focus. But you may want to look to see if it is trying to tell you something. Sometimes, we feel 'meh' about things we feel are important (or that we really want to do) for reason. I know this has been my experience lately. Just don't push yourself to point that your spark for life starts to fade like I did. I am glad to say my spark is back with a vengance!!You Rock!!!!

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