La La La…This is my stop

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately. Actually reruns of TV. I just finished the second season of Project Runway and after a freaking 10 year wait, MTV finally released the entire series of “Daria” on DVD. So yes, I’ve been fully embracing couch potatodom. Which means I have no time to blog. I love TV so I thought I’d dedicate this blogpost to it.

Project Runway. Season Two is the best season of Project Runway I have seen so far. The best. I’ve only seen season one and the last two seasons on Lifetime (BTW Lifetime…you totally ruined Project Runway….it should have never come off Bravo). Santino’s impression of Tim Gunn alone made the season for me. He had me falling off the couch laughing. And all the songs he made up? “Daniel Franco, where did ya go?” Hilarious. They had some really interesting challenges, like making a garden dress out of actual flowers and plants. And Santino’s lingerie collection will go down in history as the ugliest lingerie ever created. And the best Michael Kors criticism came out of this season. He called Raymundo’s Barbie dress the “Barefoot Appalachian Lil’ Abner Barbie.” Hah! I’m still not sure that if Chloe’s collection deserved the win. But neither did Santino’s or Daniel V.’s and somebody had to win. She’s had a pretty good career since the show so it obviously paid off for her. Thank you Netflix! I can’t wait for Season 3 to arrive.

Daria. Best. Cartoon. Ever. If you’ve never seen an episode of Daria I truly feel sorry for you. It’s funny because Daria was a spin-off of Beavis and Butthead and was lightyear’s ahead in story telling and humor. In fact, I can’t believe they are even associated with each other. Daria is an intelligent, sarcastic “brain” in her high school. She and her best friend Jane’s (a fellow social outcast) commentary on the goings on in Lawndale are smart, funny, and a little sad. It is satire of teenage suburban American life at it’s best. I’ve been watching so much Daria lately that I have increased the amount of sarcasm I normally engage in and my tone is suddenly monotone. I have loved re-watching the episodes I haven’t seen in a decade. Thank you MTV. You made this simple girl’s dreams come true.

The Biggest Loser. Tonight was the season finale. I predicted that Michael would win and I was right. If Koli hadn’t been eliminated by the at-home audience, he would have won with losing 53% of his body weight. If I were him, I’d be pissed. Personally, I thought Koli looked too skinny and he could stand to put on 20 pounds or so. He kind of had that bobble-head look going on. Did anyone else wish they would have shown more of Sam and Stephenie’s romance on campus? I’m so glad that the evil Melissa didn’t win the at-home prize. Too bad, she could have used the money to get herself a face-lift. Oohhh, I’m going to hell for that one. But that’s the problem with losing weight as you get older…it makes you look A LOT older. But anyway, out of all the contestants I really didn’t think at the beginning of the season Michael would win. He was kind of a slacker. But somewhere along the line he started to believe in himself. And he looks good. I don’t know if I can wait until the Fall for the next season to start.

Community. Community is the funniest show on television right now. It has stolen that title from The Office (which was decidedly not funny this season). I’ve loved Joel McHale ever since he started hosting The Soup and dang that boy is fine. I love the ensemble cast. Who knew that Chevy Chase was actually funny? Ahbed and Troy’s relationship is my favorite part of the show. The paint ball episode will go down in history as the funniest 1/2 hours of television ever. I’m glad I stuck with the show because the first two episodes weren’t as brilliantly funny as the rest of the season. My only fear is that Joel McHale will leave The Soup to concentrate on Community full time. Don’t do it Joel!
Amazon sent me some good news the other day via email. One of my favorite shows of all time, Everwood, is releasing season 3 on DVD. Between that, Daria, and catching up on all the seasons of Project Runway, I’m going to have a very eyes-glazed-over lazy summer.

What I saw at Target that Annoyed me

I was in Target the other day doing my normal grocery shopping when I spotted something that stopped me dead in my tracks. I was looking for a deep fryer thermometer. I don’t deep fry a lot of food. But scones are a requirement for my family every couple of months. But I digress. I was looking through the kitchen items when I saw something that basically took my cultural heritage and slapped it in the face.

You see this Made for TV jerks? These are called aebleskivers. The pan you cook them in is called an aebleskiver pan. They are not called Pancake Puffs! Honestly, how dare you? I don’t have a problem with people selling aebleskiver pans, but I do have a problem with the Made for TV jerks acting like they invented them and renaming them.

Aebleskiver literally translates to “apple pancakes” in Danish. They are a part of my Scandinavian heritage. These are delicious. They are Christmas morning to me. And if I didn’t scorch them every time I attempted to make them, I’d probably eat them more often.
There is a town in California named Solvang. It is a small tiny Danish oasis. I would love to go there some day. On the Solvang Restaurant’s website they have an entire page dedicated to aebleskivers. Read about it here. They even have an aebleskiver blog. Now that’s some dedicated love to the aebleskiver.
I’ll have to avoid that aisle at Target from now on.

Why I’m trying to give up Mountain Dew

I’ve been addicted to caffeine in the form of Mountain Dew since high school. For me that’s at least a decade and a half. I’ve tried many times to give it up. Dew’s powerful siren call always lures me back. I think the longest I’ve given it up has been maybe 6 months. I alway find way back to Dew.

As we got down to the last Dew in the box in our fridge yesterday, the hubs mentioned that he was thinking of giving up the Dew. It’s not good for the type of kidney stones he’s prone to getting, plus it makes him feel tired. He’s given it up many times for many months and has noticed the marked difference in how he feels. I got excited and said I wanted to give it up too. Yesterday I drank my last Dew. I didn’t even drink all of it. I noticed it didn’t even taste good to me anymore. I’ve been down to drinking only one or two 12 oz. cans of Dew a day now. And I’ve always drank A LOT of water. But still, that Dew, it’s my one treat for the day.

I have so much respect for people who give up an addiction. I know how hard it has been for me to give up caffeine and it’s not like it’s ruining my life. I haven’t lost my family and house over caffeine. I haven’t lurked in dark alleyways trying to score Dew. I’ve never stolen to get my caffeine fix. Although my addiction has made my life harder in some ways. Once it gets to about lunch time I’m constantly thinking about when I can have my Dew. It makes me tired and I even though it’s a stimulant, caffeine makes me feel sluggish. If I go more than 24 hours without it, I have withdrawals in the form of some seriously nasty headaches. I know the sugar and high fructose corn syrup in the Dew is bad for me. My mother was addicted to Coke (the cola, not the illegal drug). She drank A LOT throughout her lifetime. I firmly believe that her massive consumption led to her having Type II Diabetes in her 50s. And that most likely led to her pancreatic cancer, which led to her death, which lead to this huge hole I have in my heart. If I can spare my children from feeling that pain by changing my health habits, then I’ll try.
My goal is to make it a month without any Dew. If I can make it one month, maybe I can make it two. And if I can make it two months, maybe I can make it six months. And if I can make it half a year, maybe I can make it full year. Whoa, that sounds daunting. No wonder they say to take it one day at a time. Small, small baby steps.
Today is my first day on my Dew fast. It has been hard. We drove down to SLC to see our new baby nephew and on the way I so wanted to stop at the gas station and get a Dew. And then when we left the kids were starving and I would only allow the hubs to go to a place that didn’t serve Mountain Dew because I knew it would be too big of a temptation.
I feel like a new baby bird just starting my journey out of the nest. I have Motrin on hand for when the inevitable headaches begin.
I read a quote that really struck me and I think basically says why I’m trying to quit:
“When you feel that a substance owns you, it’s time to quit.”

I feel like Mountain Dew owns me. I don’t like feeling owned. Who does?

1 day down, 30 more to go.