Why I’m trying to give up Mountain Dew

I’ve been addicted to caffeine in the form of Mountain Dew since high school. For me that’s at least a decade and a half. I’ve tried many times to give it up. Dew’s powerful siren call always lures me back. I think the longest I’ve given it up has been maybe 6 months. I alway find way back to Dew.

As we got down to the last Dew in the box in our fridge yesterday, the hubs mentioned that he was thinking of giving up the Dew. It’s not good for the type of kidney stones he’s prone to getting, plus it makes him feel tired. He’s given it up many times for many months and has noticed the marked difference in how he feels. I got excited and said I wanted to give it up too. Yesterday I drank my last Dew. I didn’t even drink all of it. I noticed it didn’t even taste good to me anymore. I’ve been down to drinking only one or two 12 oz. cans of Dew a day now. And I’ve always drank A LOT of water. But still, that Dew, it’s my one treat for the day.

I have so much respect for people who give up an addiction. I know how hard it has been for me to give up caffeine and it’s not like it’s ruining my life. I haven’t lost my family and house over caffeine. I haven’t lurked in dark alleyways trying to score Dew. I’ve never stolen to get my caffeine fix. Although my addiction has made my life harder in some ways. Once it gets to about lunch time I’m constantly thinking about when I can have my Dew. It makes me tired and I even though it’s a stimulant, caffeine makes me feel sluggish. If I go more than 24 hours without it, I have withdrawals in the form of some seriously nasty headaches. I know the sugar and high fructose corn syrup in the Dew is bad for me. My mother was addicted to Coke (the cola, not the illegal drug). She drank A LOT throughout her lifetime. I firmly believe that her massive consumption led to her having Type II Diabetes in her 50s. And that most likely led to her pancreatic cancer, which led to her death, which lead to this huge hole I have in my heart. If I can spare my children from feeling that pain by changing my health habits, then I’ll try.
My goal is to make it a month without any Dew. If I can make it one month, maybe I can make it two. And if I can make it two months, maybe I can make it six months. And if I can make it half a year, maybe I can make it full year. Whoa, that sounds daunting. No wonder they say to take it one day at a time. Small, small baby steps.
Today is my first day on my Dew fast. It has been hard. We drove down to SLC to see our new baby nephew and on the way I so wanted to stop at the gas station and get a Dew. And then when we left the kids were starving and I would only allow the hubs to go to a place that didn’t serve Mountain Dew because I knew it would be too big of a temptation.
I feel like a new baby bird just starting my journey out of the nest. I have Motrin on hand for when the inevitable headaches begin.
I read a quote that really struck me and I think basically says why I’m trying to quit:
“When you feel that a substance owns you, it’s time to quit.”

I feel like Mountain Dew owns me. I don’t like feeling owned. Who does?

1 day down, 30 more to go.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m trying to give up Mountain Dew

  1. Go girl! Josh has stopped his caffine consumption as well and is noticing he sleeps better at night and wakes up earlier in the morning. Yea!!! 80)

  2. You can do it. It's weird to think that you can be addictied to caffiene, but you really can. Because I was so addicted to caffiene I would not participate in any church stuff because I felt that while I had an addiction I should not be involved in baby blessings, etc. My addiction to caffiene was so bad that I could not go more than a few hours without some. It would make me tired too, but I would sleep horrible. To give you an idea of how much caffiene I was drinking…check out these numbers.Mnt Dew has 55mg of caffiene per servingNOS POWER SIZE has 365mg per serving (I drank 3-4 of these per day, every day)It took me six years of shift work to get to that level of caffiene. Before a Mnt Dew would really get me. Then after forcing myself to stay up and rotate shifts I kept drinking more and more caffiene. Sometimes I would get sick and want to vomit from how much I drank to stay awake, but then I drank more. I even had a few heart racing moments when I would drink over 1000 mg in a single shift. After a while of doing this I got to the point I that 1000 mg wouldn't even make me feel anything. So, I really understand your struggle. We may have different tolerance levels of the amount of caffiene, but the effects are basically the same for both of us. You would experience the same thing as me when you stopped drinking it. Anyway, now you know why I wouldn't participate in family blessings etc. I took my caffiene addiction very serious and I did not feel I was worthy to participate based off of that, although many people tried to push me. I was VERY addicted to caffiene.Keep up the good work!

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