What I saw at Target that Annoyed me

I was in Target the other day doing my normal grocery shopping when I spotted something that stopped me dead in my tracks. I was looking for a deep fryer thermometer. I don’t deep fry a lot of food. But scones are a requirement for my family every couple of months. But I digress. I was looking through the kitchen items when I saw something that basically took my cultural heritage and slapped it in the face.

You see this Made for TV jerks? These are called aebleskivers. The pan you cook them in is called an aebleskiver pan. They are not called Pancake Puffs! Honestly, how dare you? I don’t have a problem with people selling aebleskiver pans, but I do have a problem with the Made for TV jerks acting like they invented them and renaming them.

Aebleskiver literally translates to “apple pancakes” in Danish. They are a part of my Scandinavian heritage. These are delicious. They are Christmas morning to me. And if I didn’t scorch them every time I attempted to make them, I’d probably eat them more often.
There is a town in California named Solvang. It is a small tiny Danish oasis. I would love to go there some day. On the Solvang Restaurant’s website they have an entire page dedicated to aebleskivers. Read about it here. They even have an aebleskiver blog. Now that’s some dedicated love to the aebleskiver.
I’ll have to avoid that aisle at Target from now on.
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4 thoughts on “What I saw at Target that Annoyed me

  1. AGREED!!!! BTW do you have an Ableskiver recipie that makes a samll amout i can only find them for 100 or more and I know there good but there is no way Josh and I will eat that many! LOL

  2. We got an official aebleskiver pan and recipe from Jeff's Swedish/Danish family friends for our wedding…we're pathetic and still haven't made them (something to do with translating the recipe…do you have an easy to make one?)but they sound delicious.

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