Lose It again – week 1

This was my first full week doing Lose It again. I did pretty good with my food and counting calories. I set it up to lose just one pound a week, therefore giving me a bigger calorie budget, so that I could get used to eating less food. It worked because I didn’t feel deprived. I ended up being 59 calories under my calorie budget.

Now exercise was a different thing. I only really exercised one time this week, not counting going bowling on Saturday night with the hubs (my left glute is still sore from that). I think my lack of motivation comes from really not wanting to do the half marathon I signed up for. I know how painful a half marathon is and I’m not looking forward to subjecting myself to more pain. Blah! I know I need to exercise more. My lung capacity depends on it.
The results are in and…
I lost 1 pound!!!
That means Lose It is working for me. This gives me motivation to keep going. In a couple of weeks I’ll adjust my calorie budget to lose a pound and a half in a week and then a couple weeks after that adjust it to lose two pounds in a week. I don’t care what you see on The Biggest Loser or that crazy HCG starvation diet, but it’s not healthy to lose more than 2 pounds in a week.
Rock on! Continuing on to week 2.

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