Dear Anonymous,

This is directed at trolling anonymous commenters who have nothing better to do than leave cowardly personal attacks in my comment section.

You’re a sad, sad little person with a huge inferiority complex. I’m sorry that you’re such a loser that you feel the need to tear others down to make yourself feel important. It’s sad that you never matured past elementary school.
I just want you to know, nothing you say has any affect on me. You’re not hurting me with your personal attacks. I’m comfortable with who I am. I’m comfortable enough to express myself on my blog. I’m happy with the person I am. At least I have the courage to write what I write.
You are a coward that has to hide behind a computer. If you had the balls, you’d post your real name or at least a link to be able to find you. But you’re not. You lack courage, integrity, and even common decency. I feel sorry for you.
And I find it laughable that if you really find me so contemptible that you would even spend time on my blog. It sounds like you spend a lot of time thinking about me, when I couldn’t care less about you. What a sad, sorry little life you lead.

6 thoughts on “Dear Anonymous,

  1. HA! I would also like to tell this person to eat poo. Whatever you feel Marisa did to you, get over it. That or grow the balls to tell her what you feel to her face. Seriously. Stop being a jerk. There are better ways to spend your time other than tearing someone down…. kinda like Im tearing you down now. Which is in fact a waste of time but hey- atleast you know who is saying this to you.Marisa. I love you for knowing who you are and not caring about shiz like this- you're an awesome example and even better sister. Keep it real boo!

  2. Usually, the "Anonymouses" of the world are so high on themselves, they honestly don't realize how they're coming across. To them, it's *obvious* that they're right, everybody else is wrong, and the world just doesn't appreciate them; they're too busy riding this wave of personal righteousness (or whatever) to realize that, hey…they're jerks, and everybody knows it.I don't know you, and I don't know anonymous; I'm just one of those horrible blog stalkers out there. That being said, everything "Anonymous" has written has only decreased my respect for that person and made me feel sorry for them. People don't attack other people, because they're happy with themselves and their lives. They have so much negativity to share, because they're miserable inside all the time.Good for you for being so nice about it!

  3. Hey Anonymous,I just want to let you know that the email you sent to my employers posing as a fake client was hilarious! My employees think you're pathetic and ridiculous. They know what kind of employee I am and no amount of fake emails are going to change their minds. Do you know what an obvious hoax it was? Seriously, you need to stop worrying about me and get a life of your own. I know it sucks being so jealous of me. You're so sad that I feel really sorry for you. But thanks for that email! Ever since receiving it my boss keeps telling me how awesome I am and reaffirming me and my professional skills every day. It's so nice to get praise!

  4. Oh and P.S. anonymous, thanks to the magic of technology we have your IP address. So every time we get a new email we know it's you. Thanks for the laughs. It's a good way to break up the stress of doing something actually important with your life.

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