And Rock-a-bye Sweet Baby Dane

This cute little boy is my sweet baby Dane. Today he turned 2 years old. In the last two years he has brought our family so much joy. He is the sweetest little boy constantly giving everyone hugs and kisses. Everything he does is so cute, I just want to eat him up. He is my miracle baby. I found out I was pregnant with him two weeks before my Mom died. If I hadn’t been pregnant with him, I don’t know if I would have survived that awful time. He gave me hope. He gave our whole family hope. He is my Mom’s little namesake. And man, she would have loved him. She promised me that she would pick us out the best one and she did. He was a perfect baby. Now he’s growing up so fast right before our very eyes. He is adored by his older sister and brother. We are so lucky to have Dane in our lives. He is my little sunshine boy.

4 thoughts on “And Rock-a-bye Sweet Baby Dane

  1. Yup Sue picked the sweetest one no doubt! Love you baby Dane! I hope to call him that for the rest of his life hahaha kinda like Dog the bounty hunter still calls his daughter baby Lisa.

  2. I'm sorry your favorite Auntie Em wasn't at your party baby dane but I love you happy birthday and i'm glad you came to us such a sweetie you silent tornado! 80)

  3. I say "Happy Birthday" as the person to have saddled Dane with his moniker of "sweet baby, Dane." I treasure my memory of holding his newly born self and singing Sweet Baby James (Dane) – it just felt right. Maybe that was Momma Sue singing through me from heaven, eh?

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