Lose It again – Week 4

Since I’m on vacation, I’m not going to weigh myself. I need a consistent scale. Plus, I’m on vacation!

Even though I’m on vacation, I’m still keeping track of all my calories earned and burned on Lose It. My best friend is making me walk everywhere, so I have burned a lot. Luckily she took pity on me yesterday when I was limping along due to tired leg muscles and blistered feet. She let me buy a Subway pass to take to a very far destination.
This week I was over my weekly calorie budget by 134. I’d say that’s not too shabby for being on vacation in a city that is world-known for it’s fabulous food. I burned 2,680 calories through exercise. Not as good as last week, but walking burns considerably less calories than my elliptical machine. I feel skinnier, does that count? Actually in this city I feel like a cow since everyone is literally a stick figure!
Well peeps, I’m going to enjoy my vacation (boy, have I needed one) and I’m going to eat and walk and live a merry life. I’ll report back next Monday on whether the vacay was beneficial or detrimental to my diet.
On to week 5, bleeps!

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